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Established in Seattle, Washington in 1992 by Tom "Tully" O'Keefe, Tully's is known and valued for providing a more comfortable coffee shop experience that delivers handcrafted barista drinks and the distinctly smooth, deep-roasted coffee flavor of the Pacific Northwest.

Tom O'Keefe, our founder was originally a Seattle based real estate developer and investor. His foray into the real estate business came shortly after college when he and a friend wrote a business plan to start an upscale neighborhood gourmet grocery store featuring domestic and international artisan produced food and beverage products. While researching locations for his “gourmet grocery store” O’Keefe met many real estate professionals who urged him to consider the real estate business.

After much research O'Keefe decided instead to pursue a career in commercial real estate but did not abandon his dream of becoming a gourmet retailer and merchant.

Years later, while developing neighborhood shopping centers, O’Keefe was approached by Starbucks to lease space in his buildings. This inquiry rekindled O’Keefe’s desire to continue his earlier quest and he spent a year researching the specialty coffee industry. His research provided abundant evidence that there was a tremendous opportunity for another specialty coffee retail chain. Having been a daily coffee consumer for as long as he can remember back into his childhood, it was a natural fit.

Tully’s original four points of difference; its roasting technique and flavor profile, employee style and dedication, a warm and inviting store environment and a commitment to the health and well being of the children in our community, is a result of that research and planning.

Our business philosophy and values takes a multi-faceted approach to make certain that guests will want to return to our cafe. There are five key areas of business that we continually work with to guarantee the best possible Tully’s cafe experience. These five areas are: SERVICE, TEAMWORK, ENVIRONMENT, PRODUCT, and STANDARDS and hence our motto is “Experience the best!”. We firmly believe any guest who walks through our door should receive the best possible service and product available.

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